Hormones……You might wonder why I am bringing up this topic, especially as it relates to women. I suspect it may be a reason why some of you come to see me or other escorts, whether you realize it or not. Her hormones DO have an affect on you!

Hormones have such a huge impact on women’s health and mental well being. I wanted to share some important information with you so you can have a better understanding of your wife or partner.

If you check my Books of Interest page, I recently added The Sexy Years which had a huge impact on me. It was informative and explained so much to me that I didn’t know about hormones, and what happens to we women as we age. As a result of reading it, I was determined to keep as youthful looking and feeling fantastic as long as I possibly could! 

Hormones are sometimes called the “H” word, and for some reason I think that’s quite funny. When you understand them, they can be your best friend. When you don’t, I think the “H” can also stand for Hell, certainly for her but it will most definitely have a huge impact on you.

As reported to me by many clients, their wives go from easy going, happy and loving partners to someone they can hardly recognize. They are angry, never satisfied and blame everything on their husbands. It’s not you!!! It really isn’t it and it isn’t your “real wife” either. It’s the hormones or lack of them that are causing her to behave so out of character. DO NOT take it personally. Tell yourself over and over, it’s the hormones.  Most people, myself included thought that menopause was something that happened in your fifties! I was 42 when I noticed the signs. It’s called perimenopause. Here is a good link with more information if you have a wife that you believe might be dealing with this. The more you know, the more helpful and supportive you can be. Read on!

Our bodies are constantly changing and our hormones seem like they are in a constant state of decline. Actually that is the truth. Some are fortunate enough to keep a higher level of one hormone or another but eventually they do run out, then we die. Every organ and every system in our body relies on these hormones for our good health. When they do start to decline, a cascade of changes starts to occur.

For women the three main hormones that have huge affects as they decline, are Progesterone, Estrogen and Testosterone. They usually start to decline much more rapidly in the early 40’s but it can start much earlier.

Progesterone levels can start declining even as early as a woman’s 20s but most often in the early 40’s. The major symptoms can be any of the following, irregular or heavy periods, facial hair growth, adult acne, belly-centric weight gain, low libido, vaginal dryness, slow metabolism, huge mood swings, anger, headaches and migraines, foggy thinking, cold hands and feet, arthritis, infertility and difficulty maintaining a pregnancy. Low levels may also cause lumpy breasts that are tender to the touch, severe premenstrual symptoms of moodiness, bloating, depression or anxiety, cravings and pain, or especially severe irritability and hot flashes in the transition to menopause.

Estrogen levels normally fluctuate for women during their menstrual cycle but it really starts to decline after a hysterectomy and as menopause approaches. These are the common symptom but are not limited to fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, cold chills, joint pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, dry skin, back pain, brain fog, water gain, and weight gain.

Maintaining optimum Testosterone levels is a vital part in helping women feel younger, healthier, stronger, more vibrant and sexually active. It enables the brain to work better and think clearer. It also assists in bone building, decreasing the risk for osteopenia and osteoporosis. Testosterone  improves the condition of skin, and contributes to a more youthful, attractive and appealing appearance. With testosterone alone, even without changes in diet and exercise, muscle tone improves and body fat decreases. However, women who eat healthy and workout see the best results.  Sexual desire can reach former heights, or even exceed them when kept in proper balance.

I have to say my own experience with Testosterone was not so much a libido thing, mine has always been great, but it definitely helps me to stay leaner and show more muscle tone.

So after reading the book, I did some internet searching and found a couple of doctors who specialize in male and female hormones. I decided to do what was necessary to feel and look and be as happy and healthy as I possibly can. I take bioidentical Progesterone and Testosterone but I also add some over the counter stuff to manage the symptoms related to low levels of Estrogen. As my friends, family and ex-husbands & boyfriends can attest, I have never been emotional, moody, angry or irritable. In fact, this 10 years has been the happiest time of my life…….in spite of having lost 5 close family members.

For men with wives who are experiencing any of the above nasty symptoms, I think you owe it to yourself to talk with her about it. Wait until she is in a good mood though, never try to tackle this when she is feeling miserable. She will not be open to it and you may have blown your chance to have the discussion. This applies to anything BIG you want to talk with her about by the way. Wait for a better mood, always. Just one of the tips from the book I recommend “You Can Be Happy No Matter What.”

If need be, tell her you heard from some guy at work who has a wife that was going through something similar. She looked into her hormones, got some help and is feeling so much better! Tell her you have been so worried about her that you did some internet research yourself on her symptoms and you found this great link! Share it with her, tell you want HER to feel better!! Make it ALL about HER though, otherwise she will just figure it’s you trying yet another way to get her to have sex with you. You should know that many women have a very negative attitude toward hormone replacement therapy because of  bed press years ago based on studies of Estrogen therapy made from horses urine. 

It is true, there is a lot of very confusing data out there. I personally have very much come to distrust Big Pharma and their method of subscription by prescription. Universities and research labs are funded by Big Pharma, as are hospitals. There is so much evidence that shows that these folks don’t want cures for anything, they want a solution that you will take for the rest of your life, to line their pockets. They don’t want you to take anything that is not patentable, they can’t make money. Hence all the negative press about natural supplements etc. Anyway, I could go on about this for hours but that’s not what we are talking about here. The truth is, if she is resistant, she will find evidence, that in her mind tells her she must continue to suffer. And unfortunately you will too. 🙁

Personally I take bioidentical hormones only. I will only speak for myself obviously but without a doubt, it is and has been working well for me for the past 10 years.

Suzanne Somers has newer book titles that cover these same topics so it might worth a trip to Chapters or spend some time on Amazon. See what ones speak to your wife’s issues the best. The title the Sexy Years might just put her off depending on her mood. 

If nothing else, please understand that whatever your wife is going through if she is between 40 and 55, YOU are the most UNLIKELY cause. It is not in her head, although she may experience the changes emotionally, the problems are real and they are all very difficult to cope with.

If she has turned into a raging lunatic (which I have heard of on many occasions from clients) it is not your fault, and you may not be able to fix it. I know guys like to fix things. 🙂 Get your own help in learning how to deal with and cope with her moods. It’s all you can really do. Take care of you!

Please feel free to talk to me if you are currently dealing with a wife or partner who is off the deep end. I may have some strategies that could be helpful in keeping your sanity. 🙂

I can also recommend a fabulous Medical Dr. who specializes in female & male hormones. It is highly unlikely your GP is an expert in this area. In fact, I wouldn’t even speak with him or her until you have done your research and found a doctor who specializes. 

Wishing you a peaceful household and your loving wife back in your arms.