In Survey #2 I asked “Is it important for your escort to have an orgasm with you?”

74% said Ideally yes, but only if she isn’t faking it and additional 12% said yes.

Wow, that is 86% combined!!

I am not sure if all these respondents are clients of mine, but if they are, they surely must be disappointed in me. 🙁

These are a few assumptions I could make from the stats:

  • You are a generous lover and want to please your partner
  • You believe you are a good lover if your partner orgasms
  • You may believe you are not a good lover if your partner does not orgasm
  • To have a “good” experience your partner needs to have an orgasm

I am not sure if any of those statements are actually true but, that’s what runs through my mind. Please help me understand why it is so important for you, so I don’t make inaccurate assumptions. (Use the comments area below)

First and foremost, I want you to know that I do not rate you on some sort of scale based on your ability to make me orgasm! It takes time, practice and familiarity to get to know my body generally speaking.

Secondly, I can only cum orally and although my kitty loves the attention, it can only handle so much prolonged attention. Imagine how your dick felt when you used it way tooooo much one day. Sensitive!

Unfortunately, I am not multi-orgasmic like some of my girlfriends. I can and have had on occasion  as many as 3 or 4 orgasms in a day, but that is far from typical!! Those orgasms came quick for whatever reason and I didn’t get to the super sensitive stage. My clients who have been seeing me for a long time, generally have me figured out and if they all show up on the same day, I’m in trouble! LOL

My orgasms tend to resemble a mans in my view, it is often BIG, then I am extremely sensitive and I want you to….STOP!! Please!!

So I want you to know the following:

  • I don’t want or need an orgasm during 86% of my client visits (Omg, I would have zero energy or enthusiasm for you!)
  • I love pleasing YOU (that is thoroughly pleasing to me and makes my day, honestly!) 
  • Every woman is different, what works for the majority of others, may not work for me.
  • I can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes or more to reach orgasm. I am very conscious of your time and always want to ensure you get the number of orgasms you were hoping for.
  • Having to perform (orgasm in this case) is a lot of pressure especially when it is not important to me, nor comes easily.
  • I believe faking an orgasm teaches people to continue doing something that may not really be working.

I think that pleasing a woman orally comes natural for some, and others may have had lots of practice. Truth is that my “most regular clients” who really enjoy giving oral, can make me cum because they have gotten to know what works for me. They asked me what I liked and they listened, and tried it out. Some days though, despite their very best effort, I just cannot get over the edge. It has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me and my body!!!

The biggest point I want to make is that I understand the male ego is fragile, but feeling bad because  you don’t make a girl cum on the first, or second visit or every visit, is not a reflection of you! However, if you asked for feedback, got it and after ample practice, you still don’t get it, you may not be really listening.

Typically I do not offer corrective feedback unless it is asked for. The reason being, that when I have done so, many men instantly apologize assuming they are doing a lousy job and just stop doing it all together. That is so sad and then there are two of us who feel really bad. 🙁

Learning to ask specific questions is helpful, I do this when giving a BJ when I feel that I am not doing something right. (Do you like more pressure, less pressure, faster, slower, my hand too?) Here are some great tips, most of which I agree with.
10 Lessons About Female Orgasm

You could ask, should I lick up and down or from side to side? Higher? Lower? Faster, slower? Keep doing one thing or switch it up? Do you like my finger rubbing on your clit? etc. (Answer is no  to that one btw). Here is an article with some ideas to try. Keep in mind I’m not a fan of over the panties they suggest or the “the V formed by your fingers”. It is too much direct stimulation for me.Give Her the Best Orgasm – Ever

I think this is where porn has done a disservice in teaching men how to give oral. The girls fake moans and groans teaches men that at all these things they have seen, just drive women wild. (Maybe it does work for some, but as I said, we are all different).

It is similar to giving a BJ. All men do not like one standard approach…..but more about that in another post.

Please, please,  do not take a woman NOT having an orgasm personally….especially an escort who clearly and sincerely states that it is not important to her.