Ok, so the results are in for Survey #3 (only 55 respondents to this one)

Your Preferences – Booking, Locations etc

Here are the few questions that I found particularly interesting and my personal observations of the results.

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Question #8  It is the opinion of some friends of mine, that men may not necessarily want the mother of their children performing some of the acts they would expect from an escort. Was or would this be a factor in selecting the woman you married? Were you/are you looking for a “nice girl”? 
Out of the 12 people who responded that they purposefully married a nice girl, 8 believe a highly sexual partner would make a good long term partner for them. 4 weren’t sure but would like to try. If these men interpreted the question to mean that they purposefully chose a woman who was not highly sexual (didn’t do the things he wants from an escort only)  do they now regret the decision they initially made? So are “nice girls” (who don’t do bj’s or swallow etc) really nicer people, better mothers, kinder, more loving, more compassionate? Or is that just a belief that some people have?

At first I thought that this might understandably be a generational issue. However, the data says differently.

Responses       Age
       2            20 – 30
       4            40 – 50
       1            56 – 60
       5            61 – 65

Question #9  Are you somewhat embarrassed, shy or uncomfortable in sharing your sexual desires with your wife or partner?

42% of men are either are somewhat embarrassed, shy, uncomfortable or worried about her reaction in sharing their sexual desires with their wife. 
87% of those men are between the ages of 41 & 65. 
Interesting, I wonder if their wives feel the same way? I wonder how different the relationship might be if those fears didn’t exist and they felt free to express their desires?

Question #11 How often do you masturbate? 
Men who masturbate 1 to 2 times daily range in age between 26 & 65. The majority of those however are between 41 – 50 years old.
I say use it or lose it! Besides, it is supposed to be very good for prostate health. 🙂  Just be cautious that it doesn’t become the only way you can have an orgasm!


Here are some observations by a Survey Respondent:

  1. 59% prefer texts – We’re too shy to talk but want the instant feedback that we can’t get from e-mail
  2. 69% prefer Hotel – Interesting that nearly 30% wanted to meet in a residence/condo – yours not theirs I am sure lol
  3. 94% prefer Incalls – That is probably a Jaime factor – I would suggest that most escorts are outcall and don’t have the outstanding setup that you do
  4. 89% prefer cash – non traceable I guess
  5. 85% prefer independent escorts – Probably worried about bait and switch
  6. 65% find escorts through BackPage/Now
  7. 78% believe that a highly sexual woman would make a great long term partner – very interesting question  – think the data is a reflection of what they would like to have but is not what they really sought out
  8. 8.75% claimed that they weren’t looking for a “nice girl” – I think this again

    is what the respondents would like to think but not what they really wanted (similar to question 7) – I had high school and university friends that would come right out and say “there are girls that you date and girls that you marry” 

  9. Are you somewhat embarrassed, shy or uncomfortable in sharing your
    sexual desires with your wife or partner?  This data is what I use to support my above argument that although the respondents state that they wanted a highly sexual partner, they in actual fact, married the nice girl.  25 respondents indicated that they had a wife/partner.  13 of those 25 (52%) said that they would either be uncomfortable with or would be worried about her reaction (my response as well) to sharing their sexual desires with their partner.  To me this indicates that we either married the nice girl or that their highly sexual bride has changed since they first got married – for many reasons – children, fatigue, stress, changes in body shape, changes in body chemistry 
  10. 48% don’t frequent massage parlours, strip clubs or swingers club
  11. 14% don’t masturbate regularly?  I find that hard to believe! 26% of us get busy at least once a day
  12. 68% use internet porn (ties to your comment about porn doing a dis-service regarding female orgasms) No one uses Playboy anymore (how things have changed – Sorry Hef) No one uses webcams
  13. 78% of respondents are between 41 and 65 years of age