What Men Want (great title thanks for ALL your suggestions!)

So this time I cut the survey off at 50, fewer respondents than the first and second survey. Are you getting sick of them?? LOL

I was very happy to see so many comments this time around, thank you!! To see full results of the survey including individuals comments Click Here

The answers to this survey were very interesting to me so I have quite a bit to say today. I hope I won’t bore you to death!

  • Q1 How often would you prefer to have sex?
    What is abundantly obvious is the vast majority of you would prefer to have it every day, every other day or 3x a week. Not a surprise to me but I do wonder if you all would be able to have an orgasm day after day. I suppose anyone who masturbates every day should be able to though!
  • Q2 How often are you having sex?
    Sadly 47.2% can’t remember or it is just a few times a year. This is very upsetting for me to hear. 🙁
  • Q4 Do you tend to have an orgasm the same way most of the time? A whopping 73% said yes and I was not at all surprised by this. We are definitely creatures of habit. It’s only a problem if you are tired of it!
  • Q5 All time favourite way to have an orgasm?
    BJ 48.9% and intercourse 33% pretty much what I expected to be honest. Is this because you don’t get BJ’s that bring you to orgasm at home I wonder?
  • Q6 Do you find a BJ orgasm to be more intense?
    68% said yes. However a comment was made that it could be because intercourse (at least with an escort) is not bareback. I still think the BJ would win!
  • Q7 Is intercourse more intimate than a BJ?
    77% think so. So is this like the Bill Clinton thing, intercourse is having sex but a BJ is not? LOL
  • Q9 What is your sexual style?
    40% want her to take the lead and an additional 20% like to be somewhat submissive. This blew me away! I had no idea it would be that high. I think I need to dig into this one some more. My bet is that approx the same stats or even much higher are true for women. Everyone is waiting for the other to take charge!
  • Q10 When spending time with an escort, do you prefer:
    Only 6% want to be in charge!!! OMG I am flabbergasted. Again, I think I need to find out a bit more about this before I leap to wrong conclusions. Please feel free to add comments to this blog to help clarify this for me. (Picture this, I’m waiting for you to take a move, you are waiting for me…..gees no wonder you can’t always get two orgasms squeezed in!)
  • Q12 Have some expectations of how you want it to go (oral,

    intercourse, daty, 2 shots etc) :
    44% have expectations and yet 90% from Q10 just want to go with the flow or to have her be in charge. I’m sorry but this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If you have expectations and want them met, I think you need to speak up honey!

  • Q14 Escorts under 35:
    Were largely perceived as doing it for the money according to 48%
  • Q15 Escorts over 35:
    Are perceived as enjoying what they do by 80% of respondents and are intelligent, happy and well adjusted for the most part.
  • Q16 Have you ever been disappointed:
    39% were disappointed they didn’t get to do everything on their list and an additional 20% ran out of time for the second shot. If you are letting her be in charge and just going with the flow…..I think that would really explain the lack of list completion, and hence the disappointment. When I analyzed the data further, the ones who were “happy to go with the flow” were mostly disappointed by the kissing, and not as pretty or fit as they had hoped. Hard to tell her in advance she better kiss nice, be pretty and fit when you arrive. LOL

    I would like to address the MSOG here. Firstly, please please let me know you are hoping for two rounds!

    There are several reasons why it may not happen. First time visit: we usually spend quite a bit of time talking and getting the racing heart to slow down, before you feel comfortable enough to get naked. It is not unusual that we are at the half way point by the time we are snuggled in bed.

    If that first orgasm doesn’t come by the half hour, we won’t be getting to a second one unless you only need 2 minutes. A most unlikely scenario if it took us that long, just getting to the first one.

    Then there are some of you who are afraid of cumming too soon. By the way, there is no such thing as coming too soon, especially when you want to squeeze in two or more in 60 minutes! Hey what about my kitty?? LOL

    Most men 35+ require 20 min recovery time in my experience. With a one

    hour visit, that means the first one needs to happen within the first 20 minutes or so. We should be trying for round 2 at the latest 40 minutes into the hour. It generally takes longer to get off the second time, so 10 minutes of something, needs to do it.

    My preference is for you to be able to have a few minutes to rest and enjoy the afterglow instead of leaping off the bed, racing into the shower, drying off, dressing and sprinting out the door. You only have 10 minutes left to squeeze all that in!

    I am a happy girl either way, one or two or even three orgasms are good but timing is everything. Nobody wants a clock watcher and I don’t think anyone would say that about me, but it does take some coordinating to keep things on track.

  • Q17 How do you feel about implants?
    A total of 86% are ok with them.
  • Q18 Why do women get them?
    In short, single women believe that women with larger chests are preferred and that it makes them more attractive to men.
    I wonder where on earth they got that idea from?? 🙂 I think married women are more likely to want to fill out the dress and bathing suit.
  • Q19 Regarding Tattoo’s: 
    32% of men don’t mind them and don’t judge. However, it seems the rest don’t like tattoo’s on women although they may be tolerant of small inconspicuous ones. I believe that the women who get tattoo’s really like them and are far less concerned about conforming to social norms and what men will think of them because of it.