Well, this is a topic near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons.

This law is scary and certainly does not feel like it was designed to protect a woman like me in this industry. 

I recognize that my personal experiences could be considered fairly unique, especially by those who have only heard of, or have lived the horror stories that undoubtedly exist.

I believe that my experience is different, mostly because of the way I run my business however. It comes naturally with age and life experience and to a certain degree my business background. 

  • I am independent
  • I work limited daytime hours – week days only
  • I control my environment, clients come to me
  • My rate is such that not everyone can afford to spend time with me
  • I screen out people that do not sound like they are a good match for me
  • I have a clear and concise website that describes who I am and will only appeal to a certain percentage of the male population (the ones I want to see)

I have fabulous instincts about people and the men who visit, are respectful, kind, warm, caring, fun, passionate and compassionate. I am grateful and blessed every day for the wonderful people who come to see me.

I do recognize all men are not alike. I certainly worry about the young and inexperienced girls who don’t have a clue how to filter out the bad ones and are destined to have unpleasant and perhaps even dangerous experiences.

These girls/women need education as much as they need protection. I do hope that whatever laws are put in place, address the vulnerabilities of these women.

Update Feb 2017

 There has been little to nothing in the newspapers or media regarding this bill for years. It is a non-issue certainly for women like me.  I am extremely discreet in all of my dealings and no one ever has to have any concern about being at risk, if they’re coming to see me. 

A bit of background

Prostitution itself was actually legal in Canada under the old law, but most related activities — including communicating in a public place for the purposes of prostitution, pimping and running a brothel — were criminal offences.
The Supreme Court said that amounted to a violation of the basic Charter right to security of the person and was concerned that the provisions unduly increased the risk to sex workers.

The Conservatives’ new bill creates new offences for clients and pimps, but does not criminalize prostitutes themselves. Oh how thoughtful of them!!
It also cracks down on advertising and selling sexual services in public places where a child could reasonably be expected to be present.” I am sure everyone can agree that this part does make sense.

We believe we have to focus on the demand and reduce the prevalence of it over time,” said Bob Dechert, the parliamentary secretary to MacKay. Seriously?? Reduce the demand for sex, hmmm?? Perhaps they are thinking that neutering might be an appropriate next step if this hair brained strategy doesn’t work. What is this country coming to?

He said the new law allows prostitutes to rent apartments, screen clients, hire a receptionist or security guard, and advertise what they are offering. How generous of them, and why will we bother to put money out for these things if it is illegal for a client to visit us?

After seeing the results of the survey, it seems to me like there is a tremendous amount of concern in general around this new law. Many people I have spoken with directly however, seem to be less worried. Most seem to believe that the bill will never be passed as it stands and is worse than the one it was intended to replace.

There are a few factors that I think we need to consider before we get overly worried.

There will NOT be a NEW UNLIMITED police budget for the enforcement of the law and they will certainly continue to be prioritizing who they target. They never bothered me in the past and I can’t see why they would suddenly be interested in setting up elaborate traps to nail “my” clients. I just don’t think they have the motivation, manpower or financial resources to accomplish it either. This is not where they are going to get the biggest bang for their buck.

I would however bet that they are going to go after the guys who see the young girls, the ones who are most likely victims of trafficking, or going after clients of street walkers, or those who pick up girls where children may be present. I think we can all support the logic behind that.

There are many questions that will need to be clarified also before they begin laying charges.

What is the actual definition of sex for the purposes of this law?

Does it include handjobs for example? If so then all the rub-n-tugs  will be at risk of shutting down also.

I personally would like to know what men will do if their option for getting sex is no longer available?

  • Will they try to encourage and motivate the wife to fulfil her obligation to the marriage, regardless of her reasons for not doing so?
  • Extramarital affairs may be considered safer after all. Will it be cheaper though? Hotel rooms, wining and dining? Potential divorce if the wife finds out?
  • Perhaps this will be the motivating factor to finally leave a sexless, or intimate-less marriage?
  • Maybe convincing a spouse that swinging is worth trying out to get the variety they crave?
  • What about the single guys that don’t want to go the relationship route?
  • Will rape cases increase?
  • Sales of sex toys for men go through the roof?

What will you do???

It certainly isn’t a “fait accompli” at this point and there is still hope that it won’t be passed.

There are good arguments out there against this bill, here are just a couple: 


After the second paragraph, this gets very interesting:


Survey Results

Please click on this link to see the detailed results of the survey. There are many comments this time and you may find them interesting, or not. 🙂 This is the largest sample size I have ever had. 207 Participants, thank you!!

  • Q2 How old are you?
    40-49  26% 

    50-59  47%
  • Q3  If this bill passes, will this stop you from seeing escorts?
    40-49  44% said yes
    50-59  76% said yes
    Average was 51%  
  • Q4 If you still plan to see escorts, will you just stick to seeing ones you have seen in the past and trust?
    40-49  74% said yes
    50-59  40% said yes

    Average was 48% 

    The 50-59 groups answer seems inconsistent with the rest of the survey.
  • Q6 If you are a current client of mine, would you continue to see me even if the law is passed?
    40-49  56% said yes
    50-59  69% said yes
    Average was 40% 

    I wondered why only 56% the 40-49 group said yes, it was because only 10% of them believe that meeting at a hotel will be best and that is where they have been seeing me.
  • Q7 Has all the recent talk of the impending changes to the prostitution laws, slowed down your visits to escorts?
    40-49  35% said yes
    50-59  78% said yes
    Average was 57% 

    One might assume the older you are, the less comfortable you are with taking risks.
  • Q10 Whether or not the bill is passed, I am considering moving my “office” into a very comfortable condo with no front desk security. Would you feel comfortable seeing me there? 
    40-49  76% said yes
    50-59  69% said yes
    Average was 55%
  • Q12 In general, are you making fewer visits to escorts this year?
    40-49  57% said yes
    50-59  81% said yes
    Average was 65% 
  • Q13 Has the economy impacted your frequency of visits?
    40-49  48% said yes
    50-59  74% said yes
    Average was 56% 

In regards to some of the comments made;

  • An escort can potentially blackmail Johns
    This is one of the reasons why you need to really know who it is that you see. A long term relationship with an escort you really trust will be critical.
  • It is naive to think the sting approach is all they will use..sorry too risky
    Interesting. I would love to hear the ways that people think the cops might use. It will help me come up with a strategy to avoid such things. Please use the comment section at the bottom of this blog to share your thoughts. 
  • In response to potentially seeing me at a Condo location – someone may contact police if there is too much activity
    With my hours, chances of attracting attention during the day when the vast majority of people are working is unlikely in a large condo. I will open the door before someone arrives, as I do now at the hotel so as not to draw attention to my receiving visitors. The spacing between appointments will be sufficient that no one is running into anyone else. Just a fyi, in the condo where I live, I can walk down my hall 20+ times and never see another resident. I have never seen my neighbours on either side of me and I have lived there for 1.5 years.

In general, it would seem that this law has people nervous. The economy and rates for services are also playing a contributing factor to what would seem like a bit of slow down in the industry.

I have been very fortunate and I am just ever so slightly less booked up than I was a year ago. We will see what happens in December. I will still be around but my website will likely undergo a transformation of sorts. I may be offering other professional services to legitimize our meetings and make it less risky for you. 

Spending time with me is supposed to be stress reducing, not stress inducing. Stay tuned……