Over the past few years, I have developed a really strong preference for older men. Perhaps as I get older, I like to keep the age gap closer.

It would be preferable to use the word mature versus older men I think, but unfortunately, every twenty and thirty something assures me that they are “very mature”. Their insistence of it, usually points to anything but.

Regardless of one’s age however, I have little interest in seeing people that just want to cross my name of their TO-DO list. These are the men that just love the variety aspect and the adventure of meeting a new lady each time. There is nothing wrong with this in my opinion, it’s just not the type of client/encounter I typically enjoy. This is where a sense of objectification comes in. Something I rarely experience now.

I notice that older men are most likely to keep our first appointment, as opposed to younger ones that think nothing, of not showing up at all. They communicate more respectfully and tend to take the time to go through my website thoroughly before they reach out. They already know that I am a good match for them by the time they want to book an appointment. More than most make good eye contact, are comfortable with themselves physically and have gotten past the point of overwhelming guilt. All of this is important to me and it creates a much more comfortable connection and environment for wonderful intimacy.

I prefer to have a sense of connection with the person I am spending such intimate time with. I want to feel afterwards that I was so glad to have made their acquaintance and look very forward to seeing them again. In return, I look for a sense that I am appreciated, desired and respected as a person/woman.

My repeat clients tend to be older now due to my screening, and my guess is they tend to be more financially secure, allowing them the freedom to see me more frequently. These are the relationships I enjoy the most. Each time we get together, it get’s better and better (at least in my view) as we get to know each other, one hour at a time. I am not in this business to sell my body. I am in it to share intimate times with people who have unfulfilled needs and desires, usually sexual in nature and at times, even on an emotional/spiritual level.

Some just require the physical release but enjoy the banter and the visual experience of being with me. Some just want to fill the intimacy void (cuddling/kissing) along with a release but they like having a familiar face to return to. They don’t want an affair or a girlfriend, but like the comfort that comes with familiarity and trust, with no strings attached. I love being with a man who truly wants to be in the arms of a woman who is more than happy to give him all her attention and affection.

I really dislike using the word client to describe this connection/relationship that often develops between us. I feel as though I have many “dear friends” that come to visit me and I am truly, the luckiest lady I know of, to blessed with their company. Thank you!!