I am asked all the time what the differences are between the young men that want to see me and my older clients. It’s quite simple actually, the younger someone is, the less respectful I have found them to be. Of course, I cannot paint everyone with the same brush but I have yet to find something other than age as a way to filter out the ones that are not a good fit for me.

These are a few of the things I find most troublesome:

  1. They don’t take the time to thoroughly review my website…..they see the gallery and stop there. 
  2. If anyone is going to be a no-show, they will be younger than 35.
  3. Most likely to cancel last minute.
  4. Have an expectation that just because they want to see me, I have to see them.
  5. Texting is rude, crude or full of hey, babe, hun, yo, yeah.

Over the years, I have had some wonderful younger clients who were intelligent, well spoken, comfortable in their own skin and their decision to come and see me. I was always delighted to spend time with these men, but they were far and few between.

Having said that, younger clients are most likely to be hobbyists, they have their TO-DO list of ladies and want to make all their rounds. There is nothing wrong with this, other than this is not the type of client I prefer. Many have a hard time connecting. Instead, it’s just get to it and tackle as many things on the “I watch too much porno” list. There is no natural flow of things, instead, it is a constant….can you do this now, can you do that now. I feel like a circus animal doing tricks quite frankly. They don’t want to look you in the eyes, no chit-chat or banter or conversation is stilted and once they are done, they can’t get out of there quick enough. This has always made me feel like an object, nothing more than an orifice, versus the warm, passionate and compassionate person I am.

Then there are those that are immediately wracked with guilt, omg what did I just do? Did I pay for sex? Am I going to get something now (sti)? I had one young man turn absolutely green and he said he thought he was going to throw up. I was quite certain how he was! None of that makes me feel good, at all.

When I try to explain now that I have a very strong preference for an older gentleman, I get all kinds of resistance.

To give you some idea of the mentality of these young men, here are some of the actual responses I get after I have explained my preference (their exact words):

  • Your loss sexy.im fit good looking and clean.i fuck like a champ.and the estate cheque I just got .will go to many .many who like cash
  • But I really want to see you.
  • But I would like to loose my virginity to you
  • I’m very mature for my age, could you at least meet me and if you are not interested I will understand.
  • Well your add doesnt say that, and i am 33 im not a child. Also im very respectful and willing to pay up to 3-4000 cash. Money is no issue, im a pro athlete in town and prefer older women.
  • I’d pay extra if you make an an exception. $350 for the hour.
  • Ok, we all have our preferences, I just wanted a milf.
  • But I have an interest in older women, what if I pay you a bit more?
  • Keep it up your the best looking prostitute I have seen.
  • Hey what about this. I give you donation and in between if you think I am not good just ask me to leave.
  • Just this one time please
  • Plz I promise tht o will be respectful
  • I can add some extra plz if u consider
  • Can you give me a chance? Would you even try my fantasy?
  • I needa fuck a milf
  • Damn 28 isn’t old enough for you? I work professional job. I just find older women attractive.
  • I am good man we both will enjoy please
  • And my personal preference is to see older women. If you need to take more time than usual to get more comfortable with me, I’m all yours but don’t discriminate because of my age. (26)
  • Are you sure? What if you meet me first?
  • You dont enjoy company of a young man with an exceptionary sex drive?
  • You think you can make an exception this one time? I really want to meet you. How much more would you charge?
  • Can you make an exception for today I’m only in town for two days.
  • Can u try pls. I’m try u almost 5 month pls, can I come?
  • I am into older women I would love to see you.
  • Why not give me a chance I’m mature
  • I really wanna see you I’ve been looking at your ad for 2 wks now
  • After checking your site seeing you is my dream now. Sorry if you think i am not respectful but I really want to spent some with you tho. Please tho its my request. I beg you for this, i won’t be able to find anyone else tho.
  • I’ll give you good daty as well…I love that…..does that help the choice? I’m really good, I’m sure yu would enjoy it. Plus why wouldn’t you prefer a rock hard young dick over a man who can’t get it up anymore? Just wondering?

You can see that there is no consideration for the fact that “I” do not want to see them. It is all about them and their belief that just because they want to see me, I am somehow obligated to oblige.

In all fairness, there have been a very good number of young men that have said I understand, no problem have a great day! I so appreciate that type of response and often wonder if they would have been part of that 10% that would have been delightful. At this point, with being as busy as I am, I no longer am willing to take the risk.