These are some great links to informative articles that you may find helpful, or interesting if nothing else. I will continue to add new content as I come upon it. I will always post the new material at the top so you don’t have to scroll through ones you have already seen. Enjoy!!

Discover your Primary Love Language
Understanding what makes you feel loved is helpful in providing you with the language to communicate what you need to your partner. Have her do it too so you can both have a better understanding of each other.

10 Lessons About Female Orgasm
Understanding women and learning about their orgasms can help you both have a much more satisfying relationship whether you are single and dating or in a long term relationship. It’s never to late to learn!

Give Her the Best Orgasm Ever
Following up on the above topic, it never hurts to learn some new techniques; some will work great and others not so much. Remember, all women are different and the same thing doesn’t always work on everyone.

The Best Reason to Have Sex
Like you really need information on why you should have sex lol. Well, this is an interesting read in any case.

Do you need nutritional supplements? 
Dr. Axe a trusted source, provides you with valuable information about what you may or may not be getting from your diet and what you do need for sure. This website is an excellent resource for all things health related.

Powerful Zinc Benefits – Erectile Dysfunction
This article talks specifically about the role of zinc as it relates to issues of erectile dysfunction. There are a host of things that contribute to it, you should know about the things you are capable of correcting.

Could you have low Testosterone – Quiz (Low T)?
This website is dedicated to educating men about andropause and everything that is affected by low testosterone. We too often put our issues down to “normal aging” when it doesn’t have to be that way.

1000 Questions for Couples
Whether you are single or married, there a ton of questions here to spark some very interesting conversations.  It is very likely that you have a superficial understanding of your beloved, unless you have gone through these questions together. They really delve in to some areas most people never think to cover as they are getting to know each other. Uncovering incompatibilites and your non-negotiables is critical – before you invest a life time together.

Perimenopause Symptoms You Can’t Ignore & What to Do About Them
Ok, so you are wondering what the heck this has to do with you? That’s a woman’s issue and it doesn’t have anything to do with you, right? NOT! Let me assure you how important it is for your sanity and the whole families for you to understand what changes your partner is going through. The more educated you are on this, the more help you will be to her. Often women don’t even realize what’s happening to them, and few research what can be done. Be the source!! Help her out, you will thank me, trust me!