It is interesting how much we rely on certain things always being there for us; Backpage being one of them. For years I advertised on a variety of sites as well as on Backpage. I have always asked people how they stumbled upon me and 9 times out of 10, it was Backpage. Many of my regular clients don’t keep my number in their phones, they just rely on being able to find me on BP. Of course, that is no longer an option. It is a further challenge for people to find me as many people misspell my name as Jamie, and you can’t find me that way. Although I do try to slip that spelling into my ads or my website on the off chance it gets picked up in a search engine.

So where should I put my advertising dollars now? I am not sure that I have found a reliable source of leads now, instead I seem to be getting a ton of people who haven’t even been to my website and they simply say Hi in their text. Strange, since every Ad I place, I make sure it is clear to review my website thoroughly and to please add your Name, Age and day/time you are interested in.

I am going to list a few adult directories that I am aware of here that you may not know of. Perhaps you could fill in the form below and tell me what sites you are having good luck with and I can try to advertise there. Please don’t get me wrong, I am plenty busy but I still need to advertise. These are not in any particular order btw.


This one is pretty good, it has a few filters which are helpful. Just an observation, but I believe the VIP Ads are placed by ladies who are not getting enough attention otherwise.


A nice website with plenty of filters to help you narrow down a good match for you.


This is a very nice website that allows you to search for independent providers or agencies. It does have “Featured Providers” as well, I never pay for this feature.

Escort Directory

 I think this is truly an international site, good for those who travel perhaps.

If you have a website you like or would like to recommend, please enter it here and feel free to comment on why you like it. I will post it and add it to the list I have created. Thank you for your help!

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