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Posted: April 17, 2019  (Disappointed)

Hi Jamie
I am a 60 year old Gentleman who started seeing escorts for companionship last year.  Recently I am guessing my age is catching up with me as my erection doesn’t seem to last ( not long ago no problem).  I still love the companionship of a woman.  Any suggestions if we were to see each other on how the session would go?

Hi Disappointed,

Thanks for reaching out. I understand the concern about the erection issue and it is certainly not uncommon for men to have that experience. There are a variety of causes, but most often it is simply a blood supply issue, if there isn’t something going on psychologically. I would encourage you to read this post for a bit more insight as to what might be going on.  

Since you still love the companionship of a woman, I assume you mean there is more to it than simply having intercourse. Time with me is unscripted, there is not list of things that we go through one after the other until the hour is complete. With each individual, we spend our time doing what feels good to us in the moment. If you are very affectionate and you really enjoy kissing and cuddling as much as I do, we might spend a lot of time enjoying doing that. Just because your penis may not be rock hard, it does not mean that I can’t enjoy playing with him. I hear that a semi erect penis is sometimes more sensitive than one that is really hard. I love BJ’s regardless of the level of erection and orgasms are still very possible. I say, don’t worry about your “guy” and just come and enjoy my company and see what he decides he would like to do. No pressure!!

Posted: March 6, 2019  (Rob)

 Hi Jaime great gallery pics. Here’s my dilemma I’ve been dating a girl for 6 months and the spark has went out on my part, should I just try and make this work? At 48 yrs od dating gets harder….Any advice? Thx

Hi Rob,

I am glad you like my pictures, thanks for letting me know!

If the spark is gone already, I suspect that you were drawn and attracted to her for her looks/chemistry. Nothing wrong with that, but they say once the fizzle wears off you better be able to have something to talk about. Chances are that you are not aligned, perhaps you both have little in common, or don’t share the same values, ethics or vision of the future. It is possible for the chemistry to continue in a relationship where you have bonded on a deeper level, for many years to come. To me, it does not sound like you are in love with this woman.

I know that it may get more challenging to date as we get a bit older but I believe you will regret it for the rest of your life if you just settle, thinking nothing better might come your way. Love can come at any age and it is absolutely worth waiting for. If you decide you deserve better (and I think you do) I recommend coming up with a list of non-negotiables before you start your search again. Be very clear in your mind what traits you are looking for eg. level headed, practical, happy, loving, kind, caring etc… and also what you won’t tolerate eg. disrespectful to friends or family, rude to wait staff, doesn’t care about their health, smokes etc.. Use these as a guideline when you review profiles and meet in person. Ask questions that will bring these things to light quickly. Do not settle and move on quickly if someone isn’t a match for you! Have trust and faith that the right woman is out there looking for you and that you will find her. You deserve it! I wish you much success in whatever road you choose.

like to do. No pressure!!