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Added April 9, 2019

Jaime’s pictures, while beautiful, do not come close to doing her justice! No amount of expectation or dreaming could match her beauty and sweetness. Perfect, in every way, does not quite describe this true lady! Her mind, heart, and every fraction of an inch of skin of  her intoxicating mature, petite self are so fantastic, her beauty is beyond words. I will never regret meeting her, having her in my arms,  and I hope to be her friend for the rest of my life!

I have had the pleasure of enjoying the company of  some  gorgeous women, but Jaime takes 1st prize! Thank you sweet lady! See you again soon!



Added March 22, 2019
After some time of checking Jaime’s website, I finally got the nerve to set up an appointment with her. She is all her site says and more!!!! She had me completely at ease the moment we met, so easy going and easy to talk with. She is a beautiful, sexy lady and her skills are amazing!!! I will definitely be making another appointment!!


Added on May 10, 2018
J’aime Jaime and j’adore who she is and what she does. Jaime is aesthetically stunning but her beauty is way more than skin deep. She’s so warm, intelligent, chatty and giving that you’d be happy just to sit and chat over a coffee with her, but the fact that you’re there for something much more intimate means the coefficient of delight rises off the scale. As no doubt, does something else!

Jaime has the beautiful body of a girl half her age (and that girl mustn’t know where Jaime is because I’m sure she’d want it back!)  Jaime is petite perfection, you’ve seen the photos, well these barely do her justice, to see her dressed in her expensive lingerie, in the flesh, so to speak, is an undeniable pleasure in it’s own right. Then you discover that her skin is soft, smooth and somehow buffed to perfection, I couldn’t keep my hands off it and fortunately, Jaime responds well to touching and stroking.

Jaime says it isn’t sex unless there’s kissing well she kisses so passionately and handles you so expertly that a 19-year-old me would have burst right then, even at nearly three times that age I had to ask her to ease back.

Fortunately having remembered previous instructions I was able to give Jaime her own O. Then I just left it to her, to do what she does best and let me tell you, she is absolutely the best. Her expertise resulted in my enjoying what was literally the best O I had experienced in years. I don’t think the smile has left my face even now hours later. Thank you Jaime. xx

I live in the UK so travel internationally to see Jaime, let me just reiterate she is a L’Oreal experience – she is so worth it!


Added July 14, 2019

Jaime is hands down the classiest lady I have met. After waiting for years trying to meet her, finally, the stars aligned and needless to say I was not disappointed. She is a perfect blend of sensuality, eroticism, beauty and the best feature her brains.

She maintains herself as well as her “office” and I must say I was impressed by all. The way she treats you way surpasses your expectations of how you will like to be treated.

Jaime thanks for every second I spent with you. Hope to repeat soon


Added April 3, 2019
Jaime is absolutely and utterly stunning. There is no sense in trying to explain because words will not do her justice. You have to experience the experience to understand. Totally off the charts!


Added on March 12, 2019
Jamie is a consummate professional. The communication leading up to the session was clear and concise. Jaime is a beautiful individual that is one in a million. Would highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a gfe experience.


Added on June 29, 2018
I flew in from Vancouver last week and saw Jaime today. Her website had caught my eye so was curious to see if she was as good as advertised. She was better. I definitely will see her again when I return.


Added May 15, 2018
After seeing Jaime several times I felt compelled to write a few words about the wonderful times we shared together.

Jaime is truly a kindred spirit and knows how to really please a guy and make him important for at least the hour you’re in her company.
Jaime is a classy lady and so, so sexy! She dresses to please and gets your juices flowing from the moment you enter her office.  She’ll seductively lead you to her bedroom where you will experience some of the best kissing and foreplay you can imagine.
If it’s a day when she would like a big O go for it! She has the best build up and when she reaches climax you’ll just want to stay down there in that sweet love triangle!
In my opinion, you’ll experience the best bbbj of all times, you’ll feel like you’re 25 once again.
Believe me an hour with Jaime is like a day at the spa for guys. You’ll never regret contacting her.
Jaime is somewhat addictive though, I must warn!
I’m glad I found her!


Added on June 19, 2017

JAIME, absolutely stunning woman always an unforgettable experience every time I see her, hope you had a nice trip, I’ll be seeing you in a couple of weeks.


Added on April 17, 2017

I have known Jaime for a few years now and I don’t regret a minute. Anytime I have to time to get away there is only one person I want to see. If you have not had the pleasure to meet her you are missing out. Can’t wait to see you wed morning. T


Added on April 11, 2017

She is one hell of a beauty! No more words to say!


Added on November 5, 2016

Hands down, Jamie is the best. You have to believe That I drove just to see her all the way from Detroit. And the trip is all worth. I couldn’t wait to see her again.


Added on July 25, 2016

I saw Jamie last week. What a delightful lady. She treated me like a friend not a client. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Her pictures don’t do her justice, she is better looking in real life. I hope to be able to get to Toronto and see her again.


Added on June 3, 2016

You are a wonderful woman


Added on May 4, 2016

Met Jaime for the first time today. An exciting and beautiful lady, with the manners of a southern belle. So sweet, so sexy, and what a fabulous kisser. She instantly made me feel at home. I surely hope to be seeing much more of my new friend, and that’s how it felt to me; she treats you as a friend. Jaime, you’re awesome!


Added on April 5, 2016

A kiss from an escort is a rare and beautiful thing, and the deep passionate kisses from Jaime make you rethink life. She did things I never had done, while demure. A gift.


Added on July 16, 2015

Jaime, my experience yesterday was beyond my expectations. I have never had anything go that true to plan or as I hoped it would. Perfect. Everyone is asking what I did for my birthday, you are my secret. (It was that special)


Added on April 10, 2015

I met Jaime for the first time back in the summer of 2013. She was my first independent provider that I met after visiting a couple of agencies. In fact, she was one of my first 10 service providers that I had the pleasure of meeting since I started hobbying a couple of years ago. I must say that Jaime is the complete package. She has an outstanding personality, a warm and inviting smile, is so down to earth and makes you feel like you are her boyfriend/lover. In addition, she has a smoking hot body and gives a wicked blowjob 😉 In all honesty, it isn’t just about the sex, while that is why we are all doing this. For me, it is more about making a connection, call it a chemistry. Jaime is one of the best in the industry. In fact, while I have not asked her, I bet her major in University was Chemistry!! Jaime, I want to thank you for all of your passion and sincerity that you have shared with me over the years. I really appreciate it. I love your new incall location. It is very convenient to access with lots of free parking. If you haven’t called Jaime yet, what are you waiting for?!?


Added on March 18, 2015

Hi Jaime, Thank you for the wonderful time last week. This was my first time at your new location and as I mentioned I was a little nervous about seeing you there. I must admit that you have done a remarkable job in creating a warm and cozy place to entertain. As always, I enjoyed my time with you and felt relaxed and fulfilled when I left. I suspect that I speak for all of your clients when I say that you are a true ‘Goddess of Love’ who knows how to make a man feel like a king. An hour with you can put a smile on my face for a week. Looking forward to our next appointment. Thank you Jaime!


Added on December 2, 2014

Saw Jaime for the first time today. All I can say is WOW!!! Pics are great she looks much better in person, she has a inviting personality , I felt comfortable. In my opinion she is the best. No need to look any where else. Better that her reveiws. Hope see her again soon.


Added on June 12, 2014

Better late than never, I was running late and got to the location 20 minutes late. It was one of those days. I finally got to the room and the door opened and all my stresses seemed to melt away when I saw Jaime. Though my time was limited with her, she quickly made me feel at ease. Jaime is truly amazing and I am glad to find out everything that has been written about her are true. A beautiful person inside and out. I could describe our encounter as a piece of Heaven on earth. Jaime is a 10 in my books and is very comfortable to be with. If you saw her at a party … I trust you … you could not resist staring at her. If I am lucky to be in her company again – I will be on time!! Cheers Jamie your the best


Added on May 28, 2014

This young lady is an absolute gem! Stunning looks, perfect body, absolute dynamite sexuality! Warm, friendly, a truly classy lady.


Added on April 27, 2014

I visited Jaimie about 2 weeks ago and feel compelled to add my comments. It was my first time with an escort and I was of course very nervous.Jaimie immediately put me at ease and with her amazing kisses quickly got me in the mood.In addition to her obvious physical attributes, she has a sensuality and energy that allows you to get lost in the fantasy.I look forward to our next encounter….and ,if our schedules allow,the sooner the better.


Added on November 14, 2013

How can you not fall for this sexy petite woman. I wanted to eat her up and I did. She makes you feel like you are all that matters and that you are truly a friend and lover. Will be seeing her again for sure. You could spend the whole day with her. What a peach !!!

After some time of checking Jaime’s website, I finally got the nerve to set up an appointment with her. She is all her site says and more!!!! She had me completely at ease the moment we met, so easy going and easy to talk with. She is a beautiful, sexy lady and her skills are amazing!!! I will definitely be making another appointment!!


Added on March 4, 2014

Gentlemen, this review is way overdue and I don’t even know where to begin… Jaime is absolutely fabulous and begs the question “Where have you been all my life!!” I cannot begin to tell you how special she makes me feel. She is warm, gracious, intelligent and extremely attentive to my needs. I have had the pleasure of her company several times over the past few months and can’t wait to see her again. Jaime has a deep and passionate way of making me feel that I truly am special to her and she more than exemplifies the true meaning of a “Girl friend experience”. Well done Jaime on being the best that I have ever had the pleasure of being with! I can’t wait to see you again! J.


Added on March 1, 2014

Jaime, I had a great time… that early Wed Feb day… you were amazing… you took care of me and made me feel safe. You were truly awesome.


Added on February 11, 2014

Just had the pleasure again seeing Jaime today. She is one of the most adorable person I got to know in the business. She is not only absolutely sexy, she is on top very smart and can have a very educated conversation. Her looks are stunning and I find her simply drop dead gorgeous. She has the most wonderful positive attitude and when I am with her it feels like I know her for 20 years. Since the very first time I met her, she makes me feel t total ease and her services as described above are top notch. Jaime gives the abbreviation GFE a total new meaning and sets the standard in this industry for this acronym very high. I will continue to see Jaime for as long as she stays in this business and I hope this will still be a long time.


Added on March 4, 2016

Jaime, indeed very sweet, gorgeous and talented lovely lady. She was my first escort and I have seen her a couple of times since. Her dfk is amazing, has the sweetest kitty ever and gave me the best bj I ever had. I had a wonderful time, give this classy lady a call you will not be disappointed. Hope to see you very soon Jaime!


Added on October 8, 2015

OMG Jamie is the most amazing woman I have met for a long time! While her pics are great she is 110% sexier in real life and carries her sexuality in a very high-class fashion. She immediately engages with a warm hug, moan and a kiss when you enter. After that, well its fireworks all the way. I won’t go in to detail as it more fun exploring this beautiful creature on your own, BUT beware..save your nickels gents for you will be back. Once you have experienced the delicacy of Jaime your search is over….no one else will compare. A beautiful woman, a sexual woman, a loving tender woman..I was truly amazed


Added on September 22, 2015

It has been well over a year since I met and spent time with this amazing lady. Jaime is the best ! Her appearance will captivate you, her smile will make you feel at ease, and her personality will make you come back for more. Jaime is unique and if you are not sure about contacting her… do yourself a favour and make that call. I guarantee it will be the best thing you ever do for yourself. I owe a lot to Jaime ,please treat her right and she will make your dreams come true. Cheers to Jaime.


Added on November 6, 2013

I have met Sweet Jaime several times now and will be visiting her again today. She really is a beautiful woman and makes you feel very comfortable from the minute the door opens. You don’t even have to knock as you approach the door for your scheduled rendez-vous, the door magically opens!! You will always be greeted with her stunning figure wrapped up in some sexy lingerie and high heels and a smile that makes me melt Jaime is a great kisser. Her DFK is amazing and sets the mood for the rest of your time together. I have to admit that I have only experienced mind blowing blowjobs with her. She is “deeply” skilled in cock worship as she called it! I have never had such an intense orgasms from a blowjob as she has given me. Gentlemen, you are in for a treat!! She does enjoy DATY and was great at teaching me what feels best for her! I guess I received a Cunnilingis 101 lesson too!! Her Kitty is completely shaved. I can only give her the highest recommendation. You don’t need to waste time looking anywhere else. Jaime is the real deal. She is sexy, intelligent, down-to-earth and will truly provide you with an unforgettable experience.


Added on July 26, 2013

Well, what can I say? I first saw this Gem in March of this year.Loved the experience., and only one other SP has come close to matching her services, looks and her just being a damn nice lady. Not many ladies can carry on a conversation like this one. She has it all. Beauty, brains, and a smokiing hot body that most 29 year olds would die for. Well, today I went for round two. This time for 2 hours. All I can say is unbelievable.All I can think of is the money wasted on the other SP’s that I saw in between seeing her. Booking again…..real soon.


Added on March 18, 2013

I’m not one for reviews, being very new to this hobby. Jaime was the first SP i had ever seen and I was very impressed from the start. She is just a knockout. She also sensed my nervousness, being the first time, and she put me @ ease. I have seen 12 SP’s since her and they are not even close in comparison. Jaime’s pictures are real…and recent. Hands down, I will be return for an encounter with her in the near future.


Added on February 7, 2013

Last week was my first time with a courtesan, and I think I made the right decision to see Jaime. She’s a beautiful, intelligent, warm individual and made me feel comfortable with the whole experience. She does not disappoint and provides everything on her menu with gusto. I look forward to my next encounter with this lovely lady.

Mr Obsessed

Added on November 2, 2012

Please tell me why anyone in their right mind would stop seeing this lovely lady. She’s beautiful in both body and mind. She’s intelligent , extremely personable and positive to be around . She makes you feel special . When you see what there is to compare her too , there’s not much to compare. What was I thinking . Hopefully she won’t think I’m too flaky to see me again.


Added on August 24, 2012

A simple way to start out is for me to suggest that you read Jamie’s website. EVERY last thing that she says she will provide, she does. In immense style, with wonderful enthusiasm and oh so talented. She is gorgeous, non stop enthusiastic, highly intelligent and sexual beyond words. I had a the time of my life. Frankly, I was so taken aback by her sexuality that I did not take full advantage…but that is on me. Next time, I will be better prepared and will be booking two hours so I can take full advantage everything that this terrific woman has to offer.


Added on June 27, 2012

After a year of having Jaime on a wish list, and three tries to connect, not her fault, I finally had the great experience of spending time with her. She is an awesome woman, hot, passionate, open, friendly and sexy as hell. Lots of great dfk, all the time, enjoyable bbbj. Played for a long time, then took cover and had an amazing, rocking cg. Started mish, but was to much for me, Told her I was going to cum and she rushed to get my cock in her mouth to be able to have all the cum I could give her to swallow. omg…she was amazing. Spent some easy, unrushed time, laying with her on my chest, talking, laughing, feeling like we were close. All I can say is Jaime is such an awesome gfe. The real deal.


Added on June 15, 2012

Jaime is the sweetest escort I ever have in my life. She is also a very smart and intelligent woman. Enjoy every minute with her!
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